Friday, 17 February 2012


Just managed to upgrade my SIN-FRA on the 2nd of Jan up to First. Now just need to get wait listed for FRA-SIN :-)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Finally, booked.

At the conclusion of various searches, it came down to paying over budget with SQ or dealing with the joys of TG business. So, I gave ITAmatrix a play and they came up with an LH fare which was cheaper than TG, but was all LH/SQ. So I asked Amex to book it for me. Well, they couldn't match it, even with the fare codes, but they got close enough and certainly under the budget, quite considerably under the budget.

So it's off on the 12th of December from Birmingham with my old mates on the Luftwaffe, via the hell-hole at Rhein-Main and thence to Singapore on supposedly a 747-400 (please let it be an 747-800 with new C), then transferring to SQ for some WhaleJet love down to Melbourne, arriving in the small wee hours of the 14th. Then back from Sydney on the 30th of December to Singapore with SQ on the WhaleJet, a couple of days in the Lion City and then back with the Luftwaffe via FRA on the 2nd of January.

Now, just get it all ticketed and settled and then time to get myself on the upgrade list for FRA-SIN and SIN-FRA. I also need to sort out a MEL-BNE and a BNE-SYD and some hotels, Hilton Brisbane for sure, but I'll be thinking about the other ones.