Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Curse of Barcelona

The curse of Barcelona has struck again. I think I may have to give up going to that fair city. I've been once, but was struck down with manflu the entire time, so apart from a short walk down the Ramblas and a wander around the Barrio Gotico, I didn't see much of it. The other three times I've planned to go have never materialised, once the conference was cancelled due to a problem with the venue, another time the airline (Duo) went bust the day I was supposed to fly and this time a family illness has meant that it wasn't possible for me to go. I'm not sure if I should try and go again, there's obviously a bit of a curse on the place for me. Anyway, if it stops raining, I shall spend the Bank Holiday weekend in the garden instead.

This, of course, is why travel insurance is very important, although my losses are so low (it was a £99 fare) that I won't be bothering making a claim. I get mine through my Amex Platinum card and through my bank, so I'm doubly covered, but it's always worth looking at the conditions - especially when they change. Amex in particular have recently "enhanced" theirs.

So apart from a couple of work trips, there's nothing planned until October when I'm taking a friend to ─░stanbul for her birthday. Hopefully, the weather will be a lot better than last time, because what I saw of the city, I loved.

On the future good news front, my return from Australia has become a five hour connection in Frankfurt, but as I have a confirmed upgrade on the Singapore-Frankfurt leg, that means five hours in the First Class Lounge or even possibly in the First Class Terminal. How terrible...

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  1. I had recently stumbled on your blog while searching on Business class experience on SIA. I've enjoyed all your "rantings" and travel tales and am particularly impressed by your positive experiences of Singapore cuisine . As a Singaporean living in London, your TRs make me feel that much closer to home. Thank you and please do continue with this blog.