Friday, 14 December 2012

Trip Report 13: FRA-SIN (LH F)

I was a cranky and grumpy Yanto by the time I boarded, but I was swiftly soothed by the attentions of an excellent crew who very much agreed with me that the Frankfurt transfer experience left a lot to be desired. In fact they told me a few tales of woe that put mine in the shade. 

The Lufthansa A380 has First upstairs and at first glance, it doesn't look like a terribly exciting product.

There were five of us today out of the eight seats. One of us was no problem, he went straight to sleep as soon as we took off and remained asleep all the way to Singapore. Because I was so late arriving, I had to wait to get the usual boarding gifts, I declined the nuts, had two glasses of sparkling water and looked at the rather sparse amenity kit and the rather improved pyjamas (nearly all my pyjamas come from airlines), whilst reading the menu. I quickly found the sweet spot in the seat for relaxing and powered up the iPad from the seat so I could get on with my SVU marathon that I had downloaded previously.

As you, know, I have been critical of LH's First Class food as being a bit too fancy for in the air and there were certainly dishes tonight which were in that category. There was an amuse, which was undistinguished, there was then caviar and a chanterelle salad.

The caviar was the usual presentation, although the toast points were better than normal. Indeed the whole breadbasket was tip-top except the brezn, which lacked the required saltiness. The Chanterelle salad was very, very refreshing, but needed more chanterelles. All this was washed down with lots of sparkling water and a couple of glasses of Riesling. But the highlight was the Roast Goose.

Which is a meat which stands up to ovens every well and therefore was succulent and went down great with the Red Cabbage and the dumplings. I did get a funny look for staying with the Riesling, but in the absence of Corton Charlemagne or a VT Gew├╝rz, I thought it for the best.

As usual on the flight, I didn't do dessert, but I had a little cheese, the cheese showed great promise (especially the Livarot) but had been kept too cold, Livarot in particular shoudl be almost motile. So I moved on to peppermint tea.

And thence to bed, this seat converts into a very nice flat bed with an excellent amount of privacy without going the full suite. Very comfortable duvet and a good pillow helped a lot. I managed to get about five hours sleep before my tickly throat got to me. As soon as I arose,   a crew member checked if I wanted to get the bed returned to a seat (yes) and when I went to get changed, I came back to a glass of hot lemon to help my throat which was much appreciated. I did try and keep the Christmas star chocolates, but they were guzzled on waking up I'm afraid. A need for sugar.

I will mentioned the magnificent bathrooms on the 380 on my return journey, I need to take some photos, but I think they are bigger than the bathroom in my first apartment.

Two expressos and a spot of breakfast (fruit and the continental plate) and I was ready for landing at Changi where someone was waiting to escort me to the SQ lounge for my break for my onward flight and then came and informed me that my bag had made it on board at Frankfurt.

All in all, an excellent flight and left me ready for the journey onwards.

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