Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Conrad Centennial Singapore

((Family problems are still causing some delays, but I hope to get the final part up by the weekend))

I have stayed at Conrad branded hotels before and I’ve always found them very good on service but not brilliant at handing out the HHonors benefits. This Conrad, I'm happy to say. was perfectly compliant with all HHonors benefits on this visit. I received an upgrade to an Executive Suite overlooking the Fountain of Wealth, access to the lounge and was offered a late check out. 

Also in terms of housekeeping, it is impeccable, with my room attendant even asking what fruits I required in my bowl. The main room was large and pleasant with a good work area, a good sitting area with a nice comfortable sofa . The bedroom had a massive bed with quality linens and plenty of storage space. The bathroom had a lovely big tub, double vanity, loo in a small side room and a separate shower. Unfortunately, for some reason, the pictures I thought I'd taken weren't on the camera when I came to download them.

The lounge is very nice, but I understand that there have been cutbacks and whilst the staff are very willing to please, it does need some improvement. The presence of only small plates is silly at breakfast, you end up having to go back two or three times, whilst with a sensible size plate, there would be a lot less work for the staff. Also replenishment seemed rather slow at times, especially at breakfast.,

Whilst the opulence level is pretty high here, that’s not uncommon in Singapore, but there’s no real sense of “side” that you can find in some five star hotels. The staff are a bit formal, but reasonably friendly. I enjoyed it so much that I have booked a return stay in November for three nights.

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