Thursday, 24 March 2011

The early FRA

It's a loathsome thing, God wot. 07:10, which means even with hand-luggage having to be there for 6:00am, which means a taxi at some obscene hour.

Good Thing: I'm flying
Bad Thing: I could really do with out it this weekend

Good Thing: It's Prague
Bad Thing: Change at Frankfurt (sorry but FRA is preferable to props via MUC)

Good Thing: Saturday to myself
Bad Thing: 4 hour meeting on arrival

Good Thing: New revamped Shorthaul Business Class
Bad Thing: Short connections at Frankfurt (you'd think I'd learn)

Good Thing: The Hilton Q1 Promotion is still going on
Bad Thing: The room rate

Good Thing: Czech beer
Bad Thing: Can't drink much on my meds without falling asleep

Full report on return.

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