Monday, 23 January 2012

Looks like I have to pay for the ticket

After several attempts to get an award ticket through Miles and More for this trip. I'm giving up. M&M's UK service centre isn't very good to be honest, it only operates on European office hours Monday to Friday, is an expensive 0871 number even for us SEN's and requires a few calls to find an agent with Clue.

I never found an agent with full clue, but this mornings was actually willing to search multiple ports and multiple dates. For one tantalising minute, I thought we had it at least in part. There was a first class seat on Thai on the 10th of December, but it proved to be unbookable.

We looked at the business class options as well, but these were equally bad. If I'm going business then I get a bit less flexible on dates and whilst I could get out and I could get back to SIN, there was nothing to get me back from SIN within a reasonable date range.

Mind you, I've been dubious about availability since I found there was not one F award ticket available on LH to JFK via FRA or MUC for a weekend all summer. Via ZRH, yes, but short connects and the panorama lounge aren't my idea of a First Class Experience.

So it's back to the pricing board and waiting for bloody TG to release fares.

It does make me wonder if it's worth collecting the miles sometimes. I had this with BA and ended up burning them on QF domestic tickets (which were very good value).

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