Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Starting to winnow it down

Having done some sums and looked at the dire state of the kitchen electrics I have decided that unless I strike lucky with the Award lottery, the Oz trip has to be in C.

Having had a good prowl through expertflyer and available fares makes me think that unless I can find a deal, this will be nearly as expensive as the F/C deal of 2010. Ouch.

The runners and riders at the moment are.

LH+others ticket from Opodo/Expedia etc

Advantages - fly from BHX, Star Alliance
Disadvantages - LH C, tend to have strange stopovers, hard to sort out FF benefits, unupgradable in advance.


Advantages - can do everything I want, fly from BHX
Disadvantages - don't want to go through the sandpit, no FF benefits, danger of horrid seats


Advantages - know and love the product, Star, SIN stopover
Disadvantages - expensive, no chance of upgrades, LHR


Advantages - Star, BKK stopover
Disadvantages - that horrid website, LHR,


Advantages - whalejet, Kul stopover
disadvantage - no ff gain unless they join one world in time


Advantages - can do favoured stopover. whalejet, accrue on OneWorld, can book whole ticket
Disadvantages - Mona, LHR, poor timings on some connections


Advantage - price out of MAN
Disadvantage - no ff accrual, sandpit stopover


Advantage - Star, chance to visit AKL, good website
Disadvantage - HKG stopover ok, KX stopover no way. AKL.


Advantage - Star
Disadvantage - long way round, don't fancy YVR stopover in Winter.

I think that's the runners and riders so far. CX has been ruled out for seating, NH for nightmare website.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

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