Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Coming Up Soon

I can hear you all now, what's next, Hannover? Leipzig? Essen? More moans about sandwiches and economy class seating?

Nope, the next trip is on Longhaul and it's not on Lufthansa.

Fifteen days from now, I hope to be in the dreaded Heathrow Terminal 3, sat in the Silver Kris lounge waiting for my Singapore Airlines Airbus 380 to Singapore connecting to another Airbus 380 to Melbourne. I'm in one of these seats on both flights. I won't be moaning about the cheese sandwiches, but more about the difficult choice between Dom Perigon and Krug.

After spending a few days in Melbourne, I will be proceeding to Sydney via Qantas, I hope this lady isn't doing the safety demo. After spending Christmas in Sydney, I'll be going on Qantas again to Brisvegas Brisbane for New Year, Shortly after that, I'll be heading back to Singapore on a Singapore Airlines Airbus 330-300 for some serious eating in one of the best food cities in the world and then finally back to London on the daytime SQ flight on the Whalejet but this time in Business Class.

As for next year: well, IST, YUL, MAD, VIE, TXL and MUC sound likely and I'll try and avoid FRA at all costs.

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