Thursday, 16 December 2010

I had my mind changed for me

I came back home feeling a bit sickly from work and was about to cancel. However, I was pestered by a number of people to actually go as the ticket is only refundable more than 24 hours from departure. It would have been quite a bit of money wasted.

Starving myself appears to have worked, whilst I'm incredibly tired and my what my mouth feels like isn't worth repeating, I no longer feel sick. In fact, I've just managed my first solids for about 15 hours and I still feel fine. It was a shame to miss the work Christmas lunch though.

However, after a nasty trip in snow to New Street, followed by a somewhat bouncy Pendolino Ride to Euston, a quick taxi to Paddington and HEx to Heathrow, I made it to terminal 3, which I probably haven't been to for eight years or so. I deposited the Delsey with the very nice people at check-in and got my boarding cards for the two legs. I swiftly made my way through fast-track security (what a slum compared to BHX) and into the world of duty free and it's everywhere. Obviously, I didn't look prosperous enough to be assailed by any sales critter thank goodness and I am now in the haven of the Silver Kris lounge, where I'm enjoying a bit of free internet, a nice glass of water and a couple of dim sum.

The big trip starts here.

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