Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hilton Melbourne on the Park

This hotel was booked on points, after my first trip, this hotel would only be booked on points. They are very amenable at taking points at Christmas/New Year and for a while that was the only thing in their favour. They also have what I consider to be a good location for what I want to see and do in Melbourne.

However, they are getting better, considerably better and I can see a day where I might actually pay them money again.

Welcome was warm, status was recognised with free Internet and my room was ready at 8:30am and I wasn't charged for the use of it as a day room. The bedrooms have been refurbished, although not the bathrooms and proved to be perfectly adequate throughout the stay. The bed was comfy, the desk was good, I had an opening window to smoke out of, the bathroom was a bit old style. The room was a little dark, but as this was my jet-lag hotel, I didn't mind that at all.

Housekeeping were OK, although the usual tightness with shower gel etc was noted, however, I went and got some L'Occitane on the second day, so that didn't matter. Turndown service was offered every evening but ridiculously early. The Internet service has gotten better as well, although still a little slow.

As is my policy with this hotel, I didn't eat breakfast here and didn't use room service etc. 

Checkout was fine and cordial.

My first stay here was horrific, my second was marginal, my third was marginal but better, this one was OK. I may actually consider paying them money in the future.

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