Saturday, 8 January 2011

Swissôtel Sydney

I haven’t had a Swissôtel stay for many years, so I don’t really have a good comparison, but it looks like a solid four star.  Given this was a last minute room, I was really pleased – a large corner double double, very light, very airy with a pretty good bathroom  with a good shower cubicle. Decor was a bit bland, but not offensively so there were no Wildean moments with the curtains. Housekeeping were pretty decent and friendly and what toiletries I used were fully refurbished in good time. Access beyond the lobby is a key-card system, so you have to meet trade  friends in the lobby.

Breakfast was a buffet style with a selection of hot items in the dreaded steamer dishes, in addition there was an omelette station which also produced some rather poor rösti which would not be allowed on the correct side of the Röstigraben. The cold buffet which was a bit sparse on the salad/veg side, but good on cold cuts and not bad on cheese, some bakery items changed every day which was welcome. If you got down early, everything was hunky-dory, but if you rose a little later, then there were some restocking problems – although some of those were customer induced,  one morning a tray of egg tarts were placed down and one customer just picked the whole tray up and took them to their table (which to be fair, was a table for six). I didn’t use the restaurant, although I admit I was tempted at one point given the high quality of the bar food produced from the same kitchen.  The bar staff were also very pleasant and professional.

Unusually, I did use the spa, it was very professionally run and I enjoyed my experience. I did like the small laundry provided for guests. Reception staff were pleasant, helpful and good at following up to check if there had been a successful resolution. I will be adding Swissôtel to my list of possible places to stay.

I have now returned to the UK, I estimate I have about six more posts on this trip in various stages of completeness.

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