Sunday, 9 January 2011

Trip Report 4 - Part 4 - SYD - BNE, QF J

Boeing 767-300
Business Class, 4A

Now this was more like what I usually get from Qantas on domestic flights.

I arrived at SYD about 95 minutes before my flight. all domestic check-in is fully automated at SYD now, which is interesting.  So after printing and applying my own bag tag and putting it on the belt myself – which seemed a pretty easy process, I went quickly through security and into the Qantas Pub where I was hoping to catch up on the death throes of the Fourth Test – oddly, it wasn’t on, can’t think why :-) 

I found an area with decent lighting for the laptop, connected to the wi-fi and then raided food buffet. I had some highly acceptable cheese and silverside with sourdough just in case the meal was inedible. The bar was open, but had no attendants much of the time, I was drinking tomato juice anyway.

Boarding was on time and swift, the load in Business was about 80%, Economy maybe 70%. Juice was handed out before hand, a rather nice apple juice for me. Not much of a wait for take-off and we were soon heading up the coast to a rather sodden Queensland.  I found the seat slightly uncomfortable, but I think that was because it was slightly broken. The 767 was generally in decent condition (compared to say, BA’s), but there were a couple of random bells incidents.

Lunch was pretty much the same offer as the previous flight, this time I didn’t choose the Dog Food Salad, but went for the Chicken dish with a Crown Lager and a cup of tea afterwards. It was a piece of Chicken with mashed potatoes, veg and gravy and filled a whole, I was surprised to see that it was dark meat – but I have no problems with that. Service on this flight was pleasant and swift. Top ups and refills were offered until we approached the ever present (this year)  Queensland thunderstorm.

Baggage came off quickly and I was soon on my way to the Hilton in a dodgy mini-van cab in light but persistent rain.

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